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Romney Wool

Hi, I'm Will and I manage our flock of 160 Romney Sheep. We first introduced sheep onto the farm back in 2013 with the purpose of using them to clear up cow pastures and increasing the productivity of the farm. The same still stands however we're now use the sheep as a tool within our regenerative practices to graze cover crops and herbal leys. Benefits of using these farming methods include;

  • Nitrogen fixation from legume species, this reducing the amount of synthetic fertilizers used on the land

  • Improves soil structure and healt

  • Benefits carbon sequestration

  • Provides resilience in dry periods

We chose the New Zealand Romney bread as they have a relatively calm temperament, brilliant mothering qualities, resistant to foot rot and worms, and they have a large amount of high quality wool. 

Over the past few years the price of wool has reduced so much that it no longer covers the shearing fees, so in 2023 we decided to turn some of our quality lambs wool into scarves, cushions, baby throws and blankets. we chose eight different colours and think they all look great!


Visit out online shop if you are interested. 


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