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Wedding Cheese Cakes

Whatever the celebration we have a cheese cake for you! 

Browse our selection of ready to order cakes, contact us for bespoke orders,  or come and visit our shop to sample and select your cheeses. We would always recommend speaking to us before ordering a cake unless you know exactly what you want. 

We recommend 70 - 100g of cheese per person if the cheese is an after meal course, however if you would like the cheese to be the main attraction then we would suggest doubling that. 

Please order well in advance so we can make sure all the cheeses are in stock and the cheese can be delivered on your specified day. We will need at least 4 weeks’ notice to give us time to get hold of the various cheeses in the cake.


We will always try our best to supply the cheeses detailed,  however we do reserve the right to use an appropriate substitute if the original cheese is not available. 

Things to think about... 

How many guests are you having? 

Are you having a cheese cake as well as a sweet cake? 

What is your favourite cheese?  

Are you having any other evening food for guests? 

What is your budget? 

The team at Sparkenhoe have made sure that each cake has a good balance and contrast of cheese types, flavours, textures and colours.

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