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Rare and Pasture - Black Foot Salami

185g - Whole Piece 

Rare and Pasture - Black Foot Salami

SKU: 0011

An exceptional salami made from Iberian pork reared in Britain by Michelin-Starred Chef Brett Graham.

In characteristic form, the Iberian pork is dark in colour with pure white fat. Because of the unique non-soy feed diet that Brett Graham has formulated, the meat and fat in this salami are particularly delicate and meltingly good, leaving a lovely mouth feel and great depth of flavour upon both first and after-taste.

The salami is simply seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic and fermented to perfection very carefully, using a very low level of nitrites.  No frills are needed.  Rare and Pasture aim to protect the quality and maximise the flavour of this superb meat, respecting all the hard work that goes into farming.

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