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Rare and Pasture - Black Foot Air-Dried Ham

100g - Sliced 

Rare and Pasture - Black Foot Air-Dried Ham

SKU: 0013

A classic fermented and air-dried ham made from Iberian pork reared in Britain by Michelin-Starred Chef Brett Graham.

Rare and Pasture mature the ham for up to six months.  A small amount of outer fat is left on during butchery, slowing maturation and allowing tannin-rich proteins to develop.  When sliced, the ham is delicate with slowly-building flavour, delivering both a savoury sweet balance and extremely delicious mouth feel.

This is the same breed of pig famous in Spain for Jamon Iberico products.  However, Brett’s pigs are fed a carefully formulated diet to create the right balance of flavour and give the meat its perfect texture and aroma.  The feed is completely soy-free to reduce deforestation and climate change impacts.

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