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Cake 4

60 - 90 guests 


Approximately 6.3 kg


Little She x 2 - 260g: This is a soft white cheese with a bloomy rind. Made in the style of a brie or Camembert, this cheese will soften as it ripens. Little She has a mild flavour becoming more pronounced as the rind becomes more colourful with age. Made with unpasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet.


Baby Baron Bigod - 250g: Handmade at Fen Farm from grass-fed Montbeliarde cow’s milk. This cheese has warm milky flavours, notes of mushrooms, earth, and farmyard with a nutty rind. Made using pasteurised milk and animal rennet. 


Yarg - 900g: Cornish Yarg is a nettle wrapped semi hard cheese made from grass rich Cornish cow’s milk. Slightly crumbly in the core, Yarg is fresh, lemony, and creamy under its beautiful rind. Made with pasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet.


Sparkenhoe Blue - 2.3kg: Handmade on our own farm using our own cow’s milk, Sparkenhoe Blue has a dense and creamy texture, a mellow blue flavour, with a savoury finish. This taste is reminiscent of the old Leicestershire blue cheese. Made using unpasteurised and animal rennet.


Bosworth Field - 2.2kg: Handmade on our own farm using our own cow’s milk. Bosworth Field is a mould ripened cheese, semi-soft with a white crumbly centre getting softer towards the grey mould. Its delicate flavours are creamy and citrusy. Made using unpasteurised milk and animal rennet.

Cake 4


On the "my cart" page could you please state in the notes section what day you would like your celebration cake delivering (this is before the checkout page).

Please make sure, that you arrange the delivery to yourself or the venue/caterers to be at least three days before the event (and not a Friday) to allow for contingencies.

The cheese will then need to be kept refrigerated until the event and will want to be brought up to room temperature before consumption.

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